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Transfers from the external resources

Traffic flow from the external websites brings potential new customers of your goods and services to your Internet resource. Like any other data, traffic flow can be presented in an easy to read graphical form and analysed further.

Using RST Cloud analytic mechanisms you can find out which external pages bring visitors to which pages of your website. You can also estimate the volume and quality of these transfers. Such analysis can help to evaluate your advertising campaign efficiency.

At RST Cloud we included analytic mechanisms that allow you to:

  1. Track the transfer dynamics from the external websites to your web resource.
  2. Find out from which external pages transfers to your website have been initiated.
  3. Qualitatively and quantitatively analyse transfer.
  4. From the graphic diagram of transfers, find out which external websites initiate the largest number of transfers.

Posted on November 15, 2015 by Nikolay Arefiev

Tags: seo referer