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Effortless Log File Analysis for Technical SEO

The task of website analysis for promotion in different search engines is usually solved by the means of various online services and software products. It is better to use a mashup approach, when you get all results of the web server log analysis on the same platform, thus eliminating the need to buy a set of various software products or pay for multiple online services.

Consequently, at RST Cloud we offer a range of standard SEO analytical tools as well as novel and unique features.


Request errors analysis

Ensuring content availability is the most important part of the website maintenance and support. Front-end and configuration errors frequently make your website content inaccessible. Thus, it is crucial to be able to track down and fix inaccessible pages in time. However, not all error statuses indicate that something is wrong because many of them are normal day-to-day web server activity. While analysing the error trend you have to pay attention to your website error distribution.  To track the web server error trend, it is a good idea to monitor expected number of error requests and compare it with an actual number of errors.

Expected number of error requests

Every website gets a number of incorrect requests from time to time, which results in error codes of 404, 409, etc. If the website functions properly, the number of these errors is fairly small. The "Expected number of error requests" chart allows you not only to see the aforementioned incorrect requests but also detect anomalous increases in their number and analyse each request in detail.

Popular content and largest files

Another important part of SEO analysis is a website loading time, as well as making sure that the most popular pages have the shortest response time. We provide the "Popular content" and "Largest files" reports for this purpose. If your website does not load rapidly, you will lose visitors because nobody wants to wait long. Moreover, search engines use page load speed as a ranking factor that influences a website’s position in organic search results.

User profile

To promote your goods or services over the Internet, you have to have a good understanding of your target audience. From the technical point of view, you need to make sure that your website content is correctly rendered for most of your audience. Firstly, you should aware of geographical locations of your users.

Geo location

Unlike most SEO analytics services, RST Cloud saves information about every visit of every user, meaning that if needed you can specify the IP-address or the subnet of a user and find out from which city and country they visited your website. Next important tool is a set of SEO reports on browsers and operating systems that were used to access your website.

top operation systems and useragents

It is well known that different browsers (sometimes even different builds of the same browser for different operating systems) might display your content differently. Thus before making a task list for the web designers and front-end developers you have to have a clear image of the software you have to cater for. Even if you use cross-browser frameworks, the RST cloud reports will come handy in finding out for which operating systems and browsers you need to check your design implementation right away.   

Referral website analysis

One of the biggest factors in website promotion is the links to your website at the external partner websites. Visits from the partner websites allow you to expand your target audience and accordingly be more successful in promoting your goods and services. When you analyse you advertisement campaigns or just look at the visits from the partner websites, it comes handy to know which external pages lead users to which pages of your website.

referers details

Not only analysing information about which partner website lead to which pages of your website is necessary. Also, understanding the means by which the users made that transition is relevant. This information can help you and your partners to design better transition mechanisms. Table representation of transition information is not always convenient, hence it is sometimes more usable to look at chart representation of the information.

top users flow

You can see detailed information for each transition from a partner website. You just need to choose a partner website of interest.

Combining deterministic and statistical details, it is easier to do deep web server log analysis and RST Cloud provides a bunch of effortless tools for that. Effective reports and charts give a lot of data to improve technical SEO.

Posted on August 14, 2016 by Nikolay Arefiev